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Welcome to the first week of third grade.  I feel this will be a great year.  Your children have shown a lot of enthusiasm for all the things they will be learning in third grade.  I would like to take a moment and try to answer any questions you may have.

Assignment books- Please check and sign or initial these each night.  Any homework or future test dates will be written in these books.  Please keep in mind we do not write in reading and spelling tests-- these happen every Friday.

Spelling lists- The spelling list goes home on Friday for the following week.  I will also post it on these pages under spelling lists.  The first fifteen words on the take home list are the words your child will be expected to learn and graded on.  The next three words on the list are review from the previous week, and the last two words are challenge words.  Your child can earn bonus points for spelling the challenge words correctly.

Reading- Your child will be expected to read the weekly story at least once for homework each week.  The story will be written in the assignment book with page numbers on Monday of each week.  There will also be mini books available in the room for children to read that supports each week's story.  These books are leveled and your child may be assigned reading one for homework.

Math- Students are given time during the school day to complete their math homework if they have any.  Remember, your child should have it written in their assignment book if they have homework.  This homework complete or not will be sent home for the student to finish and for you to look over.  Please return it to school the following day so I can check this work for their homework grade.

Science and Social Studies- These are the two subjects that are the biggest transition for third graders.  Since they are now expected to read and locate information for workbook pages, they are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information that they need to retain.  For this reason, I will send home a study guide to help with test preparation one week before each test is scheduled.

Lockers- Another adjustment this year is the students have lockers.  These lockers will not lock, but your child is free to bring locker storage items if you so choose.

I hope this letter answers any questions you may have had.  If you think of something else and would like to contact me you may call me at school 237-2313(ext. 111), at home 634-4811, or email me at mpierard@ggs72.org.

Thanks again!!

Gigi Pierard