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Article of the Week


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Article of the Week

Purpose:  Regularly reading non-fiction helps build background knowledge, which in turn, helps create better readers and writers.

Task:  You will be regularly assigned an article to read, annotate, and respond to.  This will be a weekly assignment completed on Newsela, Actively Learn, or other Google Classroom resources.

Activities to Complete Per Article:

  • Annotating
  • Power Words
  • Written Response
  • Quiz

Annotation Key:

  • Yellow = important information
  • Green = interesting information
  • Purple = making personal connections to article
  • Pink = asking questions, writing opinions, and "new to you" words

Annotating is explaining or adding comments to an article to help you better understand your reading.  You do not need to use each of these options for EVERY article annotation.  Select 2 or 3 options that are a good fit for the article.

Response Format:  Your written response should be 1-3 paragraphs that are highly developed through original ideas and are relevant to the text.  You must proofread your work, as mistakes will take away from your writing.  The more effort you put in, the more it will reflect in your weekly AOW grade.