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Late Work Policy


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Assignments are posted daily on the board for students to view or through Google Classroom as applicable.  It is the student's responsibility to write down the assignment and keep track of what is due.  Work is due at 8:05 the following morning and will be collected by the teacher at the start of class.  If it is not submitted at that time it is considered late.  If students choose to use their time wisely they should be able to complete most work during class time and or study hall.

Absent Work

If a student misses a day of class they have an additional day to complete the work.  If they miss more than ond day consecutively they have as many days to complete the work as the number of absences.  After that time period work will fall into the late work category.  

Late Work

Late assignments will not receive full credit.  10% of the total points will be deducted for each day an assignment is late.  After an assignment is past due it may be put in the grade book as a zero until its completed (as long as it is in the 3 day window).  Once an assignment is more than 3 days late the grade will remain in the grade-book as a zero. 

Students should be aware that late work is not graded immediately upon completion, nor is it immediately changed to a handed in status.