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Work Completion Policies

"I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care." -Lou Holtz


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Homework Policy

Homework is necessary so that you are able to practice what was learned in class that day.  This practice is to assist you in mastering the concepts you need to in order to pass on to the next grade level.  Homework is due at the beginning of your GGS school day (8:00am).  If it is not turned in then, it may be considered late. *Students who arrive after 8:00am may turn it in upon arrival.  Assignments are posted daily on the board for students to view.  It is the student's responsibility to write down the assignment and keep track of what is due.  If students choose to use their time wisely they should be able to complete most work during class time and or study hall.


Late/Missing Work Policy


I will accept late work; however, ten (10) percentage points will be deducted DAILY (starting once it is deemed late).  I will not take homework that is over three days late.  At this point, it will remain a zero in the grade book.  If done constantly, your grade will begin to drop drastically and you may be referred to homework club.


No Homework Caution Log

Each time you choose to not complete an assignment on time, you will complete an entry in the No Homework Caution Log.  Each student has their own page in the log where he or she will document his missing assignment.  You must complete the date, class, assignment title, and reason why it is not done.  You will be able to find the date, class, and assignment title in  your planner, which you will copy from the homework board.



Make-Up Work Policy

You will be permitted to make up any missing work if your absence was excused (per GGS handbook).  Excused absences allow you the number of days you missed class plus one day in order to complete the work.  After that time period work will fall into the late work category.  Your make-up work packet will be located in your grade’s absent work folders when you return.  It is important that you ask questions and meet with me during study hall if need be.  It is your responsibility to pick up/complete make-up work.